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The Lily Project is building a robust virtual health capability reaching women and girls in Nicaragua and eventually across Central America. 


With the growth of COVID-19 in Nicaragua temporarily grounding Lily’s mobile clinics, The Lily Project initiated a pilot program to evaluate the potential to deliver sexual health services virtually via mobile phones and WhatsApp. 

  • In rural Nicaragua nearly all women have a mobile phone, with more than 50% using a smartphone; WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application.

  • Results of the pilot test are very positive with growing interaction and engagement. 

  • A separate survey of the target population indicates 85% would like to use this service. 

  • An analysis of the Latin American market indicates this is an unmet throughout the region.


The Virtual Health program will: 

1) Improve Lily’s core efforts to deliver a continuum of care for cervical cancer prevention and increase women’s sexual and reproductive health literacy.  

2) Expand Lily’s services to address other sexual health needs such as counseling for sexual abuse and gender-based violence.  

3) Reach more women within and beyond the geographic regions served by Lily’s mobile health clinics. 


The Virtual Health program includes:

1) Untargeted client communications (WhatsApp Messages): Video and graphics designed to reach a primarily illiterate population with messages focused on physical, mental and emotional health. Responses are encouraged with group chats and individual communication.  

2) Targeted client communications (Phone & WhatsApp Messages): Notifications, appointment setting, reminders, availability of diagnostic results etc.

3) Client-provider telemedicine (Phone & WhatsApp Calls): E-prescribing (STIs, contraception). Individual medical virtual appointments with Lily’s staff of nurses as well are referrals to Lily’s network of OB-GYNs, pediatricians, mental health counselors and psychologists. 


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