The Lily Project creates sought-after, generational improvements in the health and well-being of women and girls in rural communities.

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Lily's local Nicaraguan nurses deliver free essential health services to prevent cervical cancer and increase sexual and reproductive health literacy to women in remote villages.  Different from foreign volunteer groups that fly in and fly out, Lily’s year-round focus on delivering a continuum of care for every woman - screening, diagnosis, treatment and helping patients navigate cancer care - is one of its unique strengths.



Equipped with a 'pop-up' exam room, folding gynecological table and medical supplies, clinics require no electricity and are set up in minutes. Designed to make examinations possible in difficult settings, they also offer women privacy and peace of mind during the exam - often a woman’s first health care experience.


"I had not been to a health check-up in more than ten years. I was always worried about my privacy and the results. The Lily Project made me feel comfortable and secure. I feel healthier now knowing that everything is ok."


In summer 2020, The Lily Project initiated a pilot program to evaluate the potential to deliver sexual health services virtually via mobile phones and WhatsApp. Digital Health Education is delivered to increase women’s understanding of their bodies and encourage actions to improve their sexual health. Due to an illiteracy rate of about 55% among Lily's patients, the virtual service is capable of utilizing video and voice messages to communicate with all women across the region.


Telehealth is used to support Lily’s mobile clinics’ delivery of in-person care with appointment setting and personal health reminders.  It also makes it possible for The Lily Project to deliver more services and address complex sexual health needs by providing virtual consultations with medical and mental health specialists.


"I live so far away from a clinic, and I needed help. A friend of mine told me that The Lily Project offered consultations online. After speaking with them, they assisted me in getting help right away."


Lily collects the personal health history of every woman it screens for cervical cancer and partners with academic research experts to collect information through surveys and in-depth interviews. This extensive dataset is a valuable resource for understanding the status of women’s sexual and reproductive health in rural Nicaragua.



We believe the plight of women in Latin America needs to receive more attention from the global women’s health community.  Armed with Lily’s data and stories of the women it serves, The Lily Project is creating awareness of the needs of these women to encourage others to advance the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of women in Nicaragua.


"Every time I hear The Lily Project will be returning to my village, I feel so happy. From the first time we met, I was able to share things about my life and situation that I had never shared with anyone before."



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