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Lily’s Journey


Reality: 70% of women and girls in LATAM do not have access to basic sexual health education. 

Result: By 2030, Latin America and the Caribbean is predicted to have the highest rates of adolescent pregnancy worldwide. (Lancet, Child and Adolescent Health, November, 2022)


Since the launch of our first mobile health clinic in rural Nicaragua, The Lily Project has delivered comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information including discussion of sexuality, gender roles and abuse during group education and one-on-one counseling sessions at Lily’s health events and in schools. And girls have responded – expressing new attitudes and healthier behaviors. While this in-person education is very effective, its impact is limited by its scalability.  All of this is changing with the development of CHAVA, the first mobile app designed specifically to help young Latinas become informed, confident advocates of their own sexuality, health, education and power.


Like our namesake flower which grows from both bulbs and seeds, The Lily Project adapts! With the double whammy of the pandemic and Nicaragua’s political environment forcing the closure of Lily’s mobile health clinics, we are 100% committed to building upon the growing adoption and preference for digital communication and commerce of Gen-Z and Millennial Latinas in rural and urban communities to offer access to essential sexual health education and products and services empowering women and girls to own their body, health and future.


We have launched a beta-version of CHAVA for user testing in Mexico and Nicaragua and are raising funds to further develop and launch the app throughout Latin America. With your support, CHAVA will become the first comprehensive sex education app to provide a safe learning environment with personalized information, supportive community, simple tools and access to expert care for anyone who identifies as or has had experiences as a Latin American woman or girl.


We are very proud of what The Lily Project’s mobile clinics accomplished in rural Nicaragua. And now, with the support of amazing partners and friends, we will be making an even greater contribution to the health and futures of girls and women throughout Latin America.


For six years you have made everything possible.  We hope you will continue this journey with us.


Thank you!


Anielka, Jonathan & Susan

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