Together we make lives better for women, girls and the entire community.


When Anielka Medina was a teen in rural Nicaragua, she experienced her mother’s excruciating battle and death from cervical cancer, and with it her life’s purpose became clear: protect women and their families from this horrific disease.


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Cervical cancer is caused by HPV, a sexually-transmitted virus, and easily prevented in many countries. In fact, 90% of cervical cancer deaths occur in countries like Nicaragua where women lack access to basic sexual health care and education. But this is not the whole story.  Nicaraguan society is highly machismo, normalizing sexual abuse and behaviors that spread HPV.


In 2016 Anielka’s dream became reality with the launch of The Lily Project’s mobile women’s health clinics providing one-on-one care to the most vulnerable women in Nicaragua. Since single mothers head up nearly 50% of the households in rural areas, when Lily protects a woman from cervical cancer we are also protecting her children, their futures and the health of the entire community.


Today, Lily also delivers women’s health services virtually including digital health education and telehealth services to prevent disease and promote positive emotional and mental well-being. The Lily Project continues to grow in honor of Anielka’s mother Azucena (‘Lily’) and the women of Nicaragua.



Making this possible is Lily’s community - women from Nicaragua and across the world generously sharing their expertise and funding this work. Working together, united in one belief, every woman has the right to own her body, health and future.





Katie Hill, Intern

It is hard for me to believe a woman still needs to worry about HPV and cervical cancer.  I am proud to be doing what I can to help women stay cancer free. 

Stephanie Brower, Donor

 I invest because I care about the health of women - a woman needs to do nothing besides exist to be worthy of top tier healthcare.

Maria Argenal, Volunteer

This organization and team of wonderful humans have been an eye-opener for what it means to be completely invested in bringing a vision to life.

Dr. Kammi Schmeer, Partner

I am proud to bring OSU faculty and students together with Lily. Our work has helped improve our understanding of women’s health and how to prevent cervical cancer.

Angela Ramirez, Patient

Lily has enabled me to feel good about my body and my future. They are more than just a mobile clinic. They are people who care about the future of our community.

Hortencia Gonzalez, Team Lead

I have found my value as a woman and a professional. My life has been impacted by Lily's values and the experiences and gratitude that I have received from the women we serve.