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Since 2016

The Lily Project has made a profound difference in the lives of women, their families, and their communities.

Starting With Innovative Mobile Health Clinics

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Number of women screened for cervical cancer.

Women's lives saved with a positive diagnosis and treatment.

Number of women with positive results being monitored.

Number of women with positive results receiving cryotherapy.

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Number of women with positive results refered for treatment.

Survivor: Maria Urbina

"Not knowing the importance of an annual health exam led to so many problems with my body. The Lily Project taught me to care for myself, and I will be forever grateful for the kindness with which I was treated."

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Now, we are proud to launch


"We are 100% committed to building upon the data we collected with The Lily Project that proves the growing adoption and preference for digital communication and commerce of Gen-Z and Millennial Latinas in rural and urban communities to offer access to essential sexual health education and services empowering women and girls to own their body, health, and future."


-Susan Cotton & Anielka Medina

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